Jul 28, 2017

Moving on (but not very far)

The Market Place is moving to a bigger office - which is a relief to everyone, especially Daisy Schnauzer, who has been struggling to find a peaceful corner in which to enjoy doggy dreams!

It's four years since The Market Place moved to Priory Farm, a family-owned business located in gorgeous countryside at Nutfield in Surrey. Our working relationship with Priory Farm goes back some 13 years, so when we needed to move offices back in 2013, our relocation to a unit in a converted barn at Priory Farm felt very much like we were coming home.

The Market Place has grown since we moved here; we've met lots of lovely new clients, who now all seem like part of our extended family. The walls are plastered with charts and action lists and the team has grown to the stage where hot desking really does mean that - rotas have to be carefully planned! - and Keely has been very good about using our meeting table as a desk, even when she's trying to write up an interview at the same time as other team members are holding a meeting at the very same table.

Our poor office dog, Daisy Schnauzer, creeps around with big worried eyes, trying to find a quiet place to lay her head and avoid being trodden on or squashed by a chair whizzing on its wheels across the office (usually with me on board) - I often find myself wondering why the ever-patient Jo or Caroline H (as opposed to Caroline J) are sitting awkwardly at their desk ... just to find they have a snoring schnauzer at their feet!

So, although our brilliant team of humans and canine has been very understanding, the time has come for us to move again. In two weeks' time, we will pack up our piles and piles of magazines, newspapers and press cuttings; our stacks of books, files and products (from ginger wine to raw chocolate paste!); our various computers, laptops and other paraphernalia, and say goodbye to our present HQ.

Thankfully, though, we won't be saying goodbye to our beloved Priory Farm and we certainly won't need a van to move this time - for our relocation will take us just across the corridor to a larger unit with lots of wall space for our charts (we're even thinking of having a painting party and applying whiteboard paint so we can simply write on the walls), plenty of room for desks and, a vital consideration, ample snoozing sites for Daisy.

As The Market Place enters its next chapter, we'd like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, and can't wait to meet new clients (friends) in the future.

Tracy Carroll, July 2017

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