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Email Marketing

Skilfully implemented, email marketing is a targeted, effective marketing tool which can deliver excellent ROI. It is also one of the most measurable.

Reach who you wish, when you wish - and learn you who has opened your emails, as well as what links they have clicked.

We can carry out A/B testing to refine your campaigns for best results. And keep refining.

Working closely with our clients, we gain a clear understanding of the objectives of the campaign. We then assist with planning the timing of delivery and construct well-written, visually appealing emails with clear calls to actions (CTAs), designed to deliver on those objectives.

After the email has been sent, we monitor the results and then send you a report.

Prices start at just £150 per email, plus spam checks and sending charges - these vary, depending upon the size of your list, but allow around £50 for a list of 5,500. One-off set up charges are around £200, to cover the construction of a bespoke html template.

  • Reach your customers and let us help you build your database, month on month
  • Make it easy for recipients to act - book a table, buy now, read more ...
  • Include eye-catching graphics
  • Personalise emails with content tailored for each individual
  • Deliver data direct to your list from your website or social media
  • Send automated messages on anniversaries and birthdays
  • Send out surveys and ask for feedback
Do call for a chat about how a professionally-designed and delivered email marketing campaign will deliver to your business.

Direct mail ...
the paperless way

Emails build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness.

They are a cost-effective way of staying in touch with your audience, and list segmentation ensures the right message reaches the right customer at the right time.